I haven't been posting much stuff on here cause really there hasen't been anything for me to post. I have been working on a Shaqueefa Mixtape video for some 3 weeks now as a tribute to Dave Cruz moving to Hawaii. We got together to talk it over and agreed upon Robbie Kirkland and Dave having full parts and of course the homies montage in the middle. I wanted to make this not only cause I was sitting on a bunch of un-used footage, but also so Dave can play this video in Hawaii and remember all the good times with the homies. All skaters featured are from Florida with the exception of a few homies from Columbus, GA. Mostly Filmed and Edited by Myself with the help of Joe Pelham, and contributed footage from Ryan Garshel, Mike Atwood, and DJ Brethauer. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do and sorry about you for missing the premiere party sucka!


Cruizees Skate Commercial 1

Gainesvillian, Steve Spence and I started a company called Cruizees. This is the first commercial displaying our first product, Cruizees koozies. Shot and edited by Stephen Buggica, skating by Josh Bowser. Hope you enjoy.


Claim to Fame

Ian and Bristol get down on the Circa session over at Double Rock for the Thrasher site.

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Traffic Report 8/7/2011

This one brings you more footage from Pat Stiener. I always enjoy watching him skate, you will too.


Jimmy Lannon for Paradise Wheels

Jimmy's Paradise pro wheels have been out for a little bit and now Paradise just posted the official video to follow. Enjoy


Rash Invasion: Gainesville, FL

Here is a cell phone edit of the recent Rash Invasion in Gainesville, filmed on Steve's cell phone, and edited by himself. Featuring Jimmy Master, Matty B, Pyay and Myself. WHO DA NABERS!!


561 to NYC

If you haven't seen Colin Read's newest video 561 to NYC, take this moment to go check it out. It has a lot of familiar faces from his first video and some familiar faces from updates on this blog. This part is of Jimmy Lannon, Matt Town, and Dante Debose with other Gainesvillians in the mix that you might recognize. There is no need to explain why this part is my favorite part. Florida reppin'!!!

Oh yeah, and go buy yourself a DVD!! Only 7 doll hairs!!!


Ian Gow in Skate Soup

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Quote of the week

Ian: "I saw Salba at the Transworld awards once..."
Bristol: "Was he wearing pads?"

Rash Rat


Lunch with Mole

Mole gets prepared

Almost ready
BOOM! Texas toast grilled chicken sandwich with provolone and mustard, FIRE!!!


Nice Little Saturday

Dave is Cruisin'
Mole is hyped!
What is there to say?
Catching shade, it's an oven out there!
Mole knocking the clips out the park, GRIFFEY!!

Need a closer look
Mole got it covered!
Spotted Tom's skull from across the Shaqueefa house pourch
Oh, damn...thought it looked like a real city for a second..

SpeedBall Magazine



SF Shredding Pt. 2

Featuring Ian, Bristol, and the newest Rash addition, Nick Duclos. In this episode the Rash skate through SF shredding all kinds of fun stuff, even get some ledge tricks in on some house hold appliances. Enjoy


From the Archives

Even at 9am Mole finds time to rep his custom made one of a kind SKULLRASH flannel shirt

Belated Mothers Day photos

Bristol back for a week or so, welcome back homie!
Greeted with these one of a kind Stella bottles, thanks Momma Dukes!

The Rash in part
The Predator has 2 home made fuck-offs for you
Zoot zoot! That trey means bidniss!
Mole sprouted up!
The Champ and Momma duke chillin'
This beer is 3 dollars a 6 pack at your local Walgreen's, not bad!
Da Bros
Mom's love to get family portraits

Mucho Relaxo
Only in Florida
Getting sketchy on a napkin at Frenchies
Bristol family portrait
Hellava Mom hellava farmers tan
Group photos to log in the memory bank

Satan's Beach House
Beach Buffington
Mom Photos, she's over it
Nice Mother's Day on the Bitch

From the Archives

Pyay snaps into a Slim Jim on The Macho Man's deathday


SpeedBall Weekend

Local Gainesvillian Matty B, SpeedBall Mag's very own creator, came to Tampa for a 2 day Memorial session. Tons of skating got done, the casual chillin' was held and just all around good times were had. Following photos are from the past 2 days, even including a guest star Digi Dime Bag. Thanks for coming Matty! SR

King Waterman
Killa Bees on the swarm!

After a long day of skating, time to grill out for Memorial Day
Get Yo Shine On! Pyay handling the grill
Flip that bitch a few times!
Bout done!
Pyay takes a break from the grill to get in-tune with nature
Matty B celebrating a successful weekend
Ichabod tastes victory
Custom Ghetto Coozies, High Life and Burgers to end a fun, fulfilling Memorial Day....

Memorial Day Digi Dime Bag...

Some Bullshit

It's like that part in Commando when Arnold grabs the dudes arm and chops it clean off with a machete..