Latenight Lounger: PJ Castellano

This is a little edit I put together within a week of skating every night in Downtown Tampa. PJ and I would go out with no intentions of spots or ideas, and just find little things to put together. It was fun and is something I would like to continue doing. This edit came together way better then I had planned and it made me think about possibly making it a small series with a different person each time. If that happens, be on the look out for Latenight Lounger featuring Josh Bowser. Thanks for watching. Enjoy.


Mole in SF-The Remix (Side B)

More slices of life from Skull Rash in San Francisco, January 2011. Thanks for watching.

Mole in SF-The Remix (Side B) from Video Mole on Vimeo.


Mole in SF-The Remix

Here is a very condensed version of the original "Mole in SF" episodes. It features a few members of Skull Rash skating and chilling in San Francisco in January 2011. Enjoy.

Mole in SF-The Remix from Video Mole on Vimeo.



This is a long awaited edit I have been putting off with no excuses. I finally got it all edited and put together so you and all your friends can watch and realized that you missed out on probably the best party of 2011. This party was a great time with plenty more story behind the edit which makes it more meaningful to the people who were there to see it first hand. Click play and enjoy the carnage!!!

Some Bullshit

It's like that part in Commando when Arnold grabs the dudes arm and chops it clean off with a machete..