Live from Frisco!

SR members Ian Gow and Brandon Bristol have more fun in SF then you do bating in front of your computer!!


Gainesvillians Unite!

Gainesvillian Matty B started up a local magazine recently called, SpeedBall. It has all kinds of skateboarding, music, photos, and other random fun. He asked me to talk a little bit about Skullrash and Tampa so he wrote an article on it. To hype up his release party this Friday in Gainesville, he made this short edit based on the contents of the magazine, and asked for a little Skullrash part in that too. So thanks Matty for involving Skullrash into the magazine! See all you fools Friday!


Another classic

Paper Champ mobs another one..



Shout out to the Gainesville homies for putting this montage together, We will see you all this Friday for Matty B's Magazine (Speedball) release party!

Even paper champ snuck in on the sesh..

Rash Cam Ep.2

Episode 3 coming soon...


Florida Photo

Takin' it back to the past with this one of the Paper Champ..

Front Crook.Tampa.FL



Rash part coming soon...

Rash Trash

Night time mannys, extras from To The Moon


Interview with Recluse

So the other day I posted an interview with Mole. Today is an interview with one of SKULLRASH'S founding fathers, Brown Recluse. This interview took place same time as the Mole interview. Enjoy.

Vineman: So we're doin this interview for the blog.
Brown Recluse: Haha, word up. When?
VM: Right now unless you're about to strap up & go in.
BR: Haha nah I'm with Mole, hit me!
VM: First off what's your birthplace and how'd you get your nickname?
BR: Born n raised in Tampa, never left unfortunately. I got the name Brown Recluse on a Skullrash trip to ATL a few years back. We were all (PJ, VINEMAN, CRUNCHY BLACK, BROWN RECLUSE) chillin at Bristol's brother's crib joking around saying I'm always lurking and shit. Then it just came out and I was stuck with it. I also hate the shit out of spiders and kill everyone in sight. That probably has something to do with it too.
VM: Any favorite moments with the crew? Which one of the guys have you known longest/spent the most time around?
BR:Every damn time with those fools is the shit. There's not one specific time that sticks out cause they're all the best times of my life. I'd say I've known & spent the most time with Bristol. Fool has held me down for years from hookin me up with pizza in the snackbar, to letting me crash at his crib and eat his food for months at a time. VINEMAN!!!
VM: When do you think "To the Moon!" will come out & who has stuff to look out for?
BR:I would say no later than New Years 2011... as for good shit, everyone will have some pleasing footage. Ian's footage is always dope shit. I'm siked to film a full part with Ichabod, he's one of my favorite skaters. Bristol has been working hard to film a good part too. Knibbs is also on full destruction mode. Mad heads, homies, and funny shit. I'll even have a little section hahah! That goes out to the media heads who can't read.
VM: What are you listening to these days?
BR: A lot of Big L, Camp Lo, Outkast. Always Nickatina, Mac Dre, & Wu Tang. Recently Black Sabbath and Roky Erickson too, shit's dope!
VM: Any travel plans for the video?
BR: Hopefully get a lot of cool shit when I come to Frisco. I go to Gainesville all the damn time, shit's tight. Also planning to hit ATL & MIA a few times for the video.
VM: What's the worst thing to come out of FL in your opinion? Fuck em id their feelings get hurt.
BR: Orlando... except a select few.
VM: Who's the next member of the Rash to get hooked up?
BR: They have all they need here at SKULLRASH.
VM: Who's the coolest dad?
BR: Joe Pelham wins coolest Dad of the decade.
VM: But he's not an official dad yet, the baby hasn't emerged from Heather's vagina yet, so who else?
BR: I'd have to say Shane Bristol, funniest homie out & he holds it down harder than all you fucks!
VM: How do you feel about ATM? (Ass to mouth)
VM: Name 10 skaters/ people you want in the rash.
BR: I only want homies, high life, and Zaxby's to ride for us.
VM: Worst skater?
BR: Rip Torn




Florida Photo

Magenta Skateboards newest, Jimmy lannon

Some Bullshit

It's like that part in Commando when Arnold grabs the dudes arm and chops it clean off with a machete..