Digi Dime Bag Ep.4

Sunday in Lakeland

Tune in next week..


Black Lung gets skinny in San Fran

Ian emerges from the bushes, throws a hot foot ollie over the flat, and avoids getting smashed by a sign on this skinny ollie to rock ride. This is the only real skate photo I shot on my trip to Skatopia West, so it's only right that I post it on the Rash Blog. Prepare for more 35mm goodness from my pilgrimage to the motherland, arriving either on this site or my personal blog www.BlogsAreABD.blogspot.com sometime in the near future. Ichabod Crane signing out for now....


This Just In...

Bristol and Gainesvillian, Carlos Jamarillo made an edit of them and some others cruising around SF. Enjoy...



VINEMAN- creeping his way in on a fun session at the Fort Mason banks... these things are steeper than they seem. Alley-oop 5-0 to regular or front 180 fakie 5-0 revert whatever you wanna call it. Photo- Alex Hart


Peace Of Strange

This past weekend, I took a trip up to Tallahassee with Ichs and Jacob and stayed with Matt MacMillen for the weekend. We thought it would be cool to make a little edit for Will Collazo's company, Peace Of Strange. With one day of filming this is what I put together. Enjoy.

Some Bullshit

It's like that part in Commando when Arnold grabs the dudes arm and chops it clean off with a machete..